Cabin Brewery

TheBrewing Process

All our beers are produced in the traditional method, using a custom-built two-barrel plant. We currently brew twice a week. Here’s how we do it…



Malt is a major ingredient in beer it is made from the finest British barleys that are malted i.e. encouraged to germinate in a controlled environment, then dried, raked and kilned. Malt adds a range of flavours and colours to beer, it is also the source of the sugars that feed the yeast during the fermentation process. All our malts are sourced locally from Muntons in Stowmarket. 


Hops are used to bring both bitterness and flavours to beer. Hops to provide bitterness are added early to the copper and are boiled releasing their bitterness.  Hops to add flavour and aroma are added much later in the process, as the brew finishes the boil or even added dry to the cooler fermentation vessel.


Water is a major commodity in brewing not only as an ingredient but also for cleaning and cooling. A good wholesome supply of water is essential, our water is provided by Anglia Water and is sourced from underground aquifers beneath the Bret Valley. For every brew, we test our water for both PH and hardness and if necessary, make small adjustments to ensure consistency of our product.


We use a traditional English ale yeast. We start with fresh yeast for every brew to ensure consistency.


Chris is the brewer and is the glue that joins all these fine ingredients to make Cabin beers and ales. Chris has developed all the recipes and hand crafts every brew made. Cabin brewery is proud that all beers are Brewed In the traditional way.